Access to millions of customers

SJS Bazar gives you the access to a massive audience of customers nationally and internationally. SJS Bazar is going to target over 10 million monthly visitors which can benefit you from a brand that is going to be #1 in reputation.

Our team take care of your heavy lifting

To reach more customers SJS Bazar’s own fulfillment service will pick, pack, and ship your products and will take care of customer service and returns. SJS Bazar gives you the piece of mind to focus on growing your business and earn with us.

Attract more shoppers to see your products

You can increase your reach to the customers and can get more sales by advertising your products on SJS Bazar’s home page. Keyword marketing ad banners will appear in high-visibility placements, where millions of customers will see them.

Step By Step Procedure:

  1. You have to register first.
  2. Then your account go to pending approval which is approved by admin after verification.
  3.  After Approval you are welcome to display your product catalog.