• Nokia 105 (2019)

    it was launched in 2019. The main camera of the Nokia 105 2019 is MP, and the front selfie camera is MP. The screen size of this mobile phone is 1.77 Inches and the display resolution is 120 x 160 Pixels. It has 4MB Built-in storage and 4MB RAM.

  • Nokia 106 Dual Sim

    Nokia 106 is available in different colors black, white and brilliant red. Just imagine your world without colors, Pale, fainted black & white, Nokia 106 adds color to your life. The new 106 by Nokia comes with a more powerful and stronger battery promising the standby time of up to 35 days, which makes more than a month. Nokia 106 is made for harsh conditions, the keyboard is fully rough and tough & is completely water & dustproof, which means that letters will not fade away with time until you threw it into the fire.

  • Nokia 130 Dual Sim

    Microsoft brings you the Nokia 130. A portable video and music player at a very economical price. Nokia 130 shows that Microsoft devices have still not abandoned the idea of producing basic phones. 130 by Nokia carries a familiar candy bar design and is available in three popular colors: Black, White and amazing Red. Nokia 130’s integrated FM Radio will not let you get bored, together with a Video player, MP3 player and microSD card support up to 32 GB, Nokia model 130 can hold up to 6000 songs. Supporting Bluetooth connectivity with the slam features, earphone & other accessories are also compatible. And if that’s not enough Nokia 130 also offers a share button so that you can quickly share the photos or the required documents. Nokia has made 130 available in 2 different versions Dual-SIM and single sim with a battery that can sustain continuous 46 hours of music playback. Nokia’s 130 is a complete leisure machine with fairly large speakers and there’s also a flashlight to kill the darkness.

  • Nokia 150 Dual Sim

    World’s best Nokia has unveiled 150 in the same way as its other phones were introduced. This bar phone is yet available in only two colors that are back and white. After a very long time, Nokia 150 just pop up nowhere and make it clear to the world that they are back in business under the flag of HMD Global. Our eyes are still looking at a horizon that when they will launch the smartphone but before that 150 hit our faces like a cool breeze which is making us hopeful that still there is more to come and we will see that this brand will find his place where it was before. Nokia’s 150 is combined together with some cool specifications. In the first place, it acquired a 2.4 inches TFT LCD that brings you a very sharp and vibrant display because Nokia 150’s LCD is using 65K colors while the resolution that you will get from LCD is 240 x 320 pixels.

  • Nokia 210 Dual Sim

    New entry! Nokia shows an amazing 210 feature phone for the Pakistani market. Before the opening of the MWC 2019 exhibition, HMD Global has presented the flagship 9, Pure View, along with Nokia 210 budget feature phone. The HMD Global executives called this phone the cheapest with Internet access. A key feature of the phone is the Series 30 platform. Nokia’s 210 has pre-installed Opera mini browser, Facebook and other applications to work on the Internet. Considering the low price of the phone received the unofficial title on the internet. The Nokia 210’s equipped with traditional candy bar design which looks so attractive. It has got 2.4-inches display with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels and an island keyboard with 16 keys and a four-way joystick. The Nokia great 210 is available in three colors: red, white and black.

  • Nokia 216 Dual Sim

    Star brand Nokia is launching 216 which is full of energy and we can say that it is as slim as it is energetic. This feature phone is carrying all features that are necessary for this type of device. Nokia 216 is a new phone that will help this brand to emerge again from the ashes. Now this company is focusing on feature phones that’s why now they have launched Nokia’s 216 with a 2.4-inch screen that carries TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

  • Nokia 1 Plus

    • Nokia is bringing mind-blowing 1 Plus which is an entry-level smartphone that gonna come with entry-level specifications.
    • This new fish in town is an upgraded variant of last year’s model.
    • Nokia 1 Plus is now gonna make a groundbreaking entry in its class because of its Android Go Addition software which is specially made for devices like this.
  • Nokia 3.2

    • Popular brand Nokia announced a new 3.2 for the world market so that it gonna fight with other entry-level devices.
    • Nokia 3.2 is powered with so many new features which we gonna discuss here.
    • It carries a big screen of 6.2 inches which has a 79.0% screen to body ratio with 271-pixel density.

    Nokia 3.2

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  • Nokia 2.3

    • Tech giant Nokia will unveil 2.3, the upgraded version of the 2.2.
    • The up-gradation is taught to be not that significant.
    • It is an entry-level smartphone with a well-known chip-set.
    • The internal memory of the Nokia 2.3 is also a good one that will allow you to store a lot of data on the smartphone for future use.
    • The leaked information about the upcoming Nokia’s 2.3 ensures that it will support dual SIM and will be available in Sand, Cyan Green, and Charcoal color variants.

    Nokia 2.3

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  • Nokia 2.2

    • Tech giant Nokia is introducing 2.2 the most affordable smartphone with a reasonable price tag and well-rounded specification that will attract you to think about it at least once.
    • The upcoming Nokia 2.2 is coming with a 5.71-inch IPS panel with HD plus resolution.
    • The design of the display screen is waterdrop notch and that is because it holds the front-facing camera

    Nokia 2.2

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  • Nokia 3.1

    • The fame of Nokia has made 3.1 another mind-blowing product of this brand which is going to launch soon with its glorious looks and a new type of display.
    • This phone is a big threat for its rivals because Nokia 3.1 is going to launch with the most powerful weapon which is its handsome design and body that comes with Aluminum frame but on the backside of Nokia‘s 3.1 you will meet high-quality plastic that just looks like an Aluminum on the backside.
    • The front side of the smartphone is covered with corning gorilla glass which has added an extra curve on Nokia 3.1’s sides.

    Nokia 3.1

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  • Nokia 3.2 (3/32)

    • Nokia is coming again with 3.2 32GB with the new upgraded handset in terms of internal storage in order to compete with other smartphones of this category.
    • The new upcoming Nokia 3.2 32GB specs-wise will remain the same but the only thing that you will find a variation in is the native storage status of the handset.
  • Nokia 5.1

    Nokia 5.1 is a magnificent smartphone with some great features – 16 Megapixels camera at the back and 8 Megapixel camera at the front, 2970 mAh non-removable battery.

    Nokia 5.1

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  • Nokia 3.2 (3/64)

    • Nokia keeps on improving the 3.2 64GB, the new upgraded model with enhanced internal storage to meet the requirement.
    • Nowadays most of the smartphones are equipped with the gigantic type of internal storage that’s why the new Nokia 3.2 64GB has introduced the new version of the series. Specs will be almost the same instead of built-in memory.
    • The chipset is the entry-level that is Qualcomm Snapdragon 439.
    • The chipset of the Nokia’s 3.2 64GB is coupled with 3 gigabytes of RAM that will make ensure the quick execution of the multitasking.
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus

    Nokia is getting ready for 6.1 Plus launch in the whole world because its counterpart X6 was limited to China but now according to new information this phone is getting out of China and its name will be Nokia 6.1 Plus. Now the heartbeat of its fans is rising because there is hope that this phone is also coming in the markets of Pakistan. Now, this brand brought changes in Nokia 6.1 Plus’s design and for the first time, you will see a Notch in gadgets of this brand.

  • Nokia 7 Plus

    Nokia seems pretty mysterious about the 7 Plus launch. We got our hands on some solid news that a new smartphone is going to reveal by the HMD Global Oy and it will be called Nokia 7 Plus. It seems that this device fits perfectly in the given scenario where on one side we have a mid-ranger and on the other side we have a flagship device and specifications of Nokia’s 7 Plus is showing that it will be the bridge between these two corners with not too high nor fewer specs. In the GeekBench listing, it is revealed that the Nokia 7 Plus’s chipset will be made by the leading vendor Qualcomm and the model of the chipset will be Snapdragon 660 which is little better than the SD 630 that was used in the predecessor of 7 Plus by Nokia.

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