Car Fire Stop Can Fire Extinguisher

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Car Fire Stop Can Fire Extinguisher Details:

Made of quality material, practical and durable.
Compact in size, light in weight.
Simple to use and easy to carry.

The foam coating formed on the surface of the burning object, so that the surface of the burning object is isolated from the air and plays a role in suffocating the fire extinguishing.

The water precipitated by the foam cools the surface of the burner, and the water vapour generated by the evaporation of the foam can lower the concentration of oxygen near the burner. The fire extinguishing range of foam extinguisher: suitable for fighting class A fires, such as wood, cotton, linen, paper, etc.

can also save general fires, such as petrol products, oil and grease and other fires; but not fighting class disaster in water-soluble combustible, flammable liquid fire, such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone and other material of fire.

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Car Fire Stop Can Fire Extinguisher
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