LEPIN 02071 The Mine Compatible Blocks


LEPIN 02071 The Mine  is a City set echoes LEGO 4204 of the same name and is LEGO compatible building block set. The set consists of 838 pieces and is designed for kids aged from 6 above. This LEPIN 02071 The Mine includes the following:

  • Assembling the designer begins with the creation of vehicles. In the first two sachets are parts for creating a large mining truck with a spacious body. The body rises when unloading ore – while the tailgate of the assembled car opens, allowing the parts to fall out onto the ground.
  • Removing the roof of the cab, you can put the driver behind the wheel.
  • Then the main unit of equipment is assembled to help speed up the process of extracting gold ore – a powerful drilling machine, so named because of the huge rotating drill. It is installed in front.
  • In the cabin you can also put one mini-man. The rig rotates, allowing you to create the illusion of work in the mine

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